Louro preto grows in Tropical, Central and South America especially in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico.

Louro preto is a pretty wood with decent contrast. It resembles a brown and gold rosewood and can be dyed red or orange to look like a Brazilian rosewood. Can have pleasant characteristic scent. Louro preto has a tendency to darken with age.

Louro preto is often praised for its attractive grain, and its heartwood can range in color from light grey-brown to a darker brown, often with black streaking. In Veneers, the wood is described as "a beautiful medium brown to olive brown color in which the different textures, from regular to extremely wild, come into their own."

The wood earns very high marks for its ability to take stains and finishes beautifully. Some experts recommend filling planed surfaces before applying any type of finish for the best results.

Louro preto is sometimes used as Brazilian rosewood substitute, because of the similar grain structure in some logs. It resembles Bocote wood,  being of the same family.

The wood is used for decorative veneer, architectural woodworking, custom furniture, deck planking, etc..

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