Other Names
Anani da terra firme, Bacuri de anta, Manil Peou, Parcouri-manil, Coronobo, Moromborai, Moronobo, Manniballi, Matakkie
Scientific Names : Moronobea coccinea
Source: South and Central America
Wood Appearance
The wood is light yellow to yellow brown, slightly veined. It has clearly demarcated
sapwood. The grain is straight and the texture is medium. The grain is sometimes wavy
in the periphery of logs. Density at 12 % moisture content: 0.90 g/cm3.
Working Properties
The blunting effect is normal and slicing is reported to be good. Nailing is good but pre-
boring is necessary. Gluing is correct. It dries slowly. Drying requires care (air drying
under cover and end-coating). Drying defects mainly with backsawn. It is moderately
Manniballi is very durable to fungi and is durable to dry wood borers; sapwood
demarcated (risk limited to sapwood).
Manniballi can be used for several applications:
• interior: e.g. furniture
• exterior: e.g. panelling, bridges, veneer
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