Jujube (Zizyphus vulgaris), known in Bulgaria as finap or Chinese dates, a small tree or shrub with a height of up to 8 m or brush habitat. The leaves are simple elongate ovate, longer than 2 to 5 cm wide and 1,5 to 2,5 cm.

The fruit is a drupe with a length of 3 cm. It is spherical or elongated red-brown color and has a pleasant taste. The natural area of common jujube is East Asia. As a consequence of the continued farming in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, in many places is naturalized.

The average biological age of this type up to 100 years. Found specimens aged 300 years.

Trunk, branches and crown have characteristic distortion, making jujube suitable for parks and gardens.

Trunk diameter of 20 year tree is about 7-8 cm.


Jujube is characterized by its strong wood and angular shoots protruding nodes. Some call it the "iron tree".


The wood is hard, heavy, strong and very durable, with fine structure and texture with a reddish color. It is beautiful and polished well.


Used for making furniture ornaments, legs for bedsteads, boat ribs, agricultural instruments, tool handles.

In Korea, the wood is used to make the body of the taepyeongso, a double-reed wind instrument.

The wood is also used to make Go bowls, beads, violin parts and other lathe-turned items.

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