Other Common Names: ebano (Mexico), Granadillo (Colombia, Venezuela).
Distribution: Chiefly Venezuela but also found in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.
The Tree: Mature trees are from 50 to 75 ft tail, with a well-formed trunk sometimes 36 in. in diameter, clear of branches for 35 ft.
The Wood:
General Characteristics: Heartwood dark red to chocolate brown or nearly black, usually with fine pencil-striping of parenchyma; sharply demarcated from the yellowish or pinkish white sapwood. Luster medium to low; texture medium to coarse; grain straight to very irregular; without distinctive odor or taste.
Weight: Basic specific gravity (ovendry weight/green volume) 1.05; air-dry density 78 pcf.
Mechanical Properties: A heavy strong timber, but no technical data available on mechanical properties.
Drying and Shrinkage: Requires care in seasoning, slow drying. With adequate precautions, results are satisfactory. No shrinkage data available. Kiln schedule T3-C2 is suggested for 4/4 stock and T3-C1 for 8/4.
Working Properties: Difficult to work, but finishes smoothly; works very well in turnery.
Durability: Highly resistant to attack by decay fungi.
Preservation: Not treatable.
Uses: Specialty turnery. in countries of origin used for heavy construction work.
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