Botanical name: Erisma Uncinatum
Family: Vochysiaceae
Other Common Names:Jaboty, Cedrinho, Cambara, Couaie, Jaboti, Quaruba vermelha, Manonti kouali, Felli kouali, Quarubarana, Quarubatinga, Singri-kwari, Mureillo.
Distribution: The genus is represented throughout tropical America from southern Mexico to Peru, but mostly in the Guianas.
The tree: Trees to heights of 100 ft. sometimes attaining 200ft; with diameter to 100 cm. Clear stems extend to 60 or 70 ft. light to heavily buttressed.
The wood:
General Characteristics: Heartwood light brown, sometimes pink brown, more or less dark, sometimes with red or purplish shades, clearly demarcated from the grayish or yellowish sapwood. medium luster; texture coarse; straight grain; without distinctive odor or taste.
Weight: Basic specific gravity is 600 kg/m3 and can vary greatly depending on origin and growth conditions.
Mechanical Properties: 
- Modulus of elasticity:     15 520 MPa       standard deviation: 3720      
- Static bending straight:        91 MPa      standard deviation:     16
- Crushing straight:                54 MPa      standard deviation:       7
  (at 12% moisture content; 1MPa = 1 N/mm2)
Drying and Shrinkage: The wood is reported to be moderately difficult to air- season and kiln-dry. It seasons rapidly but with some warping and slight checking. Care in stacking and mild drying conditions are suggested. Kiln schedule T3-D2 may be used for 4/4 stock and T3-D1 for 8/4. Shrinkage green to ovendry: radial 3.4%; tangential 8.8 %; volumetric 13.4%.
Working Properties: The wood is generally rated as moderately difficult to work; saws and other cutting edges ordinary dull. Glues correctly; good nailing and screwing.
Durability: Heartwood somewhat variable in decay resistance, generally is rated as moderately durable. Weathering characteristics are rated as only fair and severe surface checking develops when unpainted wood is exposed. 
Preservation: The wood is rated as moderately difficult to rather easy to preserve, varying with species.
Uses:Exterior joinery, interior joinery, exterior paneling, interior paneling, veneer, furniture and furniture components, general construction and flooring.
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