Our vision: There are numerous importers, woodprocessing enterprises and wholesalers in the Western gates of Europe, supplying their woodworking industry for centuries with valuable tropical, exotic and rare woods.
The new realities in Europe and the EU have suggested the need for a modern wood processing еnterprise at the gate to Eastern Europe / Varna / supplying Bulgarian wood processing industry with valuable tropical and exotic wood at competitive price. Thus, providing competitive opportunities for the Bulgarian companies to develop export markets.

Following our vision, we created this company from zero, as a family business, aware of the difficulties and obstacles that must be overcome.

In our activities, we rely on several key advantages:
- Proven experience of the company in the development and maintenance of new markets;
- Our expert opinion on the whole cycle of our products -   from procurement - until its sale;
- Favorable geographic position of the city.

Our flawless reputation is the result of professionalism, honesty and innovation.
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