We carry out high quality round logs resaw with brand new “NORWOOD”- USA sawmill. Max length upto 6 m. and diameter to 92 cm.

We carry out high quality timber dying in dehumidification dry kiln.
The advance equipment for drying and whole process computer control is supplied from “NYLE”-USA.

  • We provide timber from our industrial site situated in the Industrial zone of town Aksakovo /next to Varna Airport/.

  • We provide samples and retail sales to small manufacturers and hobbyists.

  • We deliver timber:
    - to our clients warehouse within Bulgaria.
    - small parcels to all destinations in Bulgaria.
    - to destinations within the neighboring Balkan countries, as well as to countries from Central and Eastern Europe.
    - to destinations within the countries from the Black Sea region.

  • We import special and rare exotic timber on advance order.

  • We carry out orders for production of:
    - details as per client’s specifications.
    - final products, like parquet, flooring, decking, paneling, tents, pergolas, garden boxes, etc..

  • We install the final products /if required/.

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